World Food Run

Thu October 1 - Sat October 31
Q:  What is World Food Run?
A:  The most meaningful race, you'll ever run/walk/bike/crawl/hop/cycle.  World Food Run is a virtual challenge that aims to alleviate childhood hunger through charity partners.  This year our partner is Thrive.  Check them out:
Q:  How do I create a fundraiser?
A:  Click "Create a Fundraiser" button.
Q:  How do I join a fundraiser?
A:  Click "Donate" and scroll down.  THANK YOU!
Q:  Do you give referral rewards?
A:  YES!  Pleeeeeaaaasssseee share our race!  There are endless hungry children out there!
  • 5 referrals - Race entry refund
  • 10 referrals - Free race t-shirt
  • 15 referrals - Free entry into World Food Run 2020
Q:  Can I still register?
A:  Registration for this challenge is open until October 31st, 2020.
Q:  When will I receive my swag?
A:  All swag will be sent out one month after the challenge ends.
Q:  How do I view the leaderboard?
A:  Click right HERE.
Q:  How do I get on the leaderboard?
A:  You'll need to log your miles.  Click on  "Log Miles & Check Leaderboard"
Q: I just registered, but the challenge has already started!  What can I do?
A:  Thanks for registering, first of all!  Now it's time to get moving and start logging your progress!  We allow you to retroactively add miles until November 1, 2020.
Q:  I'm about to finish my event but think I can go onto one with a higher mileage goal.  What can I do?
A:  Just keep going and keep logging your miles.  You'll get an A+++, you overachiever!  You can even brag about it on social media with #WorldFoodRun or in our Strava club.
Q: How do I download my bib number?
A:  Click HERE for the details.
Q: How do I see if my friends registered?
A:  Click (need answer)
Q:  Do I have to run every mile?
A:  Only if you want to!  Many of our participants are walkers.  Some will swim, ride, crawl, hand-cycle, kayak, or wheel their way through the challenges.  You pick what's best for you.  You can even "Go Bananas!" and create your own challenge.  
Q:  How much does World Food Run Cost?
A: $30 plus registration fee and shipping and handling of swag.  We want the race to be affordable for you, but also bring in some money to help feed hungry kids.  This $30 is refunded as soon as you create a fundraiser and bring in $30.  $30 feeds three kids for an entire month!  Can't beat that!
Q:  Can I compete internationally?  
A:  Absolutely! Please get international friends to compete, too.  Our goal is to have a runner from each state and at least one on each continent.....Anyone know anyone willing to run on Antarctica????
Q: Who gets the proceeds from World Food Run?
A:  %100 of the money raised will benefit Thrive, a registered 501c3 working tirelessly in the poorest areas of the world to get healthy food to hungry children.  Check them out at
Q:  Do we get any SWAG?
A:  YES!  All participants will receive a sweet bandana/scarf/face-covering that doubles as a medal.  We'll take all the money we would have spent on medals and use it to feed hungry kids.  How great is that?!?
Q:  How do I log my miles?
A: Click the "Log Miles & Check Leaderboard" button.
Q: Is there a Strava group for this challenge?
A:  Yes!
Q:  Is Strava the official leaderboard?
A:  No, Strava will be used to discuss the challenge, share photos and war stories.  The official leaderboard will be located on our site.
Q:  Is there a Facebook Event that I can share with my friends?
A:  YES!  We have a FB Event and FB Group
Q: Do I need a GPS watch/tracker, or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?
A: You can use one if you wish, but we are on the honor system here. There are no additional awards given for running faster; just finish!
Q. Do you have to be fast?
A: No! My mom and dad are literally walking off dinner as a way to stay fit and complete this challenge this fall.
Q. How can I get a t-shirt?
A. You can buy one in our store or refer 10 people to join us!  See Referrals Rewards Rules.
Q. What timezone are we using?
A. We will be utilizing the UTC-5 (New York - Eastern) timezone for consistent leaderboard reporting and updates. Let's keep this simple; if it's October 16th where you are, you just report it as that on the leaderboard.
Q. Can I change my distance if I'm not going to make it?
A. Yes, you can until October 31, 2020! Please email if you need to swap events. This will change you on the leaderboard the following day.
Q. Do I have to complete all of the mileage I signed up for or can teammates help?
A. You are expected to complete your own mileage and it will be added to your team for an overall total.


Team Questions

Q:  How do I create a team?
A:  You can do this at registration, or if you have already registered go to Log into your Runsignup profile.  Go to My Profile >My Registered Races > World Food Run  > Manage Registration, then click Group/Team at the bottom of the page and Create Team.
Q. I'm already registered but want to join a team, can I?
A. Yes! Follow these instructions:  Log into your Runsignup profile.  Go to My Profile >My Registered Races > World Food Run  > Manage Registration, then click Group/Team at the bottom of the page and Join Existing Group/Team, find the group you want to join on the list and save.  
Q. Is this a relay? 
A. No, each member will be expected to complete the mileage in her/his event individually. Our results wizard is brewing something up to add team mileage together and rank them, too!
Q. Do I have to complete all of the mileage I signed up for or can teammates help?
A. You are expected to complete your own mileage and it will be added to your team for an overall total.
Q. How many people can be on my team?
A. As many as you want! 
  • 5 member team - first 5 members on your team get a $5 discount. 
  • 10 member team - We'll send the team captain a t-shirt.
  • 15+ members - Team captain gets free entry into World Food Run 2021.

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